My message to the immoral police that are unlawful. It's one thing to be an Officer of the Law, and another thing to be a Police Officer. Know the difference. I have respect for those that have respect for all life.



Uh...feel it..."The GRhyme"
It's gritty out here, it's grimey out here, it's real gritty..
(for the Black man)

Verse 1:

Trip-trippin' off shit that I can't believe in
The American Government comittin' treason
Cops murderin' black for no reason
...This whole year we've been grievin'/
That ain't my blood but trust I'm still bleedin'
...If you choke Him I stop breathin'
Eyes wide shut, that mean you still sleepin'
Chris Dorner that last hero that I believed in/
Crash through the Blue Wall of Silence with 2 silencers
Snub-noses and sawed offs, lookin' for violence
It's a nightmare in the minds of the wise
Why'd they despise us?
Black People down too long, it's time to rise up/
Look the enemy in the eye, it's time to size up
Toe-to-toe, goin' blow-for-blow, It's no fair ones
Snatched from our land, and chained us up, they didn't care son
Cops harrassin', violating rights, they think we scared dun/
Fuck 'em though, the tables turned, we shootin' up the ladder
Watch the barrel spin, the gun blast is Black Lives Matter
They say "We ignorant", but we on the defense and we militant
It's time to grab the tools, go to work and start drillin'/
Grab the hammer, put the nail in the coffin of a villain
Watch the white hoods come off when we start cap peelin'
(cap, cap, peelin', peelin')

Verse 2:
We still tryin' bring clean water to the Motherland
But now they've, poisoned the water up in Michigan
That's the shit again,
make me wanna triple up the clips, and then
Embark on a MI6 mission, and/
Destroy all the wicked Men in high places
False prophet pullin' strings like this was Trading Places
Watch a poor man kill a rich man for a dollar bill
Watching the news at night, I don't know how to feel/
A cycle of Pop gossip, and War, just to provoke a thrill
Plus a commercial for drugs, if you feelin' ill
It's like we, walkin dead and we don't even know it
I was resurrected now I live a poor righteous poet/
Flow with conviction, rhymes with valor and distinction
Deserve a Purple Heart for my art
Tossin' bombs from the trenches
And still no mentions in my mentions
Yet my skills are sharper than sharp/
So if I was meant to be the messenger, than so be it
It's a lot of misdirection in the air, we don't need it
Yea they brought us over here, but they ain't tryin' to let us free
All power to the people like my brother Huey P.
(All, All, Power to the- power to the)

Verse 3:
The people want answers now, they want blood
It's eye for an eye, slug for a slug
You kill one of ours, then we kill one of y'all
But we all the same people spinnin' on this space ball/
Why all the hate toward the African man, I don't get it
Shit on us but wanna shake our hand, I ain't wit it
Come correct or you gon' pull back a nub, wit no digits
I'm unapologetically Black, fully committed/
'Cause I got knowledge of self, I know what I'm worth
This ain't the path that I choose, it's been real since birth
Ain't no silver spoons, just young goons with war wounds
Dancin' to the sound of the slum under the pale moon/
Descendents of the Pharaohs in tombs
They took our history, whitewashed it, and taught us lies in school
But my eyes ain't fooled, I could see through the veils
Most resilient on this Earth, through anything we still prevail/
Take our life but we live forever we don't die
They put 6 shots in Alton Sterling, tell me why
19 in Amadou, he was trying to comply
Man, That's murder in the first, and that ain't right, my guy/
It's gon' get a whole lot worse before it gets better
The day of reckoning is coming soon, never say never
Stay on point my G's, and be safe in the streets
Be prepared for the worst and motherfuck Police//

(all power to the people)


from Patience Plus Progress, released January 2, 2017
Produced by KWAM IZ ILL



all rights reserved


KWAM IZ ILL Austin, Texas

Hip Hop artist/producer residing in the Austin, TX area

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